Chandra D Taylor

Profile Updated: May 28, 2009
Chandra D Taylor
Residing In: Rancho Cucamomga, CA USA
Occupation: Teacher
Children: I have two beautiful girls...Reyne (Rain) and Rey (Ray). They are twins and just turned 5 years old.
Yes! Attending Reunion
What have you been up to since you graduated?

I've lived in Louisiana, and Arkansas. I've been back in California since 2000. I live in the Inland Empire now and working in L.A.

School Story:

I can remember many incidents and situations that made me who I was in highschool, however those situations don't define who I am now. I am, however, thankful for those experiences.

Yes, I do remember Nelly..God Bless her.. She kept alot of us out of trouble...

How often do you get back home to "Dena"?

I don't get there very often, although I am extremely close.

Do you still see/talk to any of our classmates? Who?

I don't really see anyone.

What did you always want to do that you still haven't done yet?

I working towards my principalship.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to chat with friends and family, go to the movies, bowling and out to eat /happy hour.

Do you have any Grand Kids?

wow!!! no - although that would be cool much further down the line.

Do you travel much? Where have you been?

I'd like to take an nice calming cruise.

How old do you feel?

Oh, I'm getting pretty old. I'd say, about 28.

Do you have any grey hair yet?

No... I must say that I age nicely.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

The fact that I have two kids is surprising. I have two teaching credentials, a degree, owned a couple of businesses.... in short, my accomplishments... I was quite the mess up in school... NOT NOW!

What nicknames did you have at JMHS?

I'm trying to forget those.

What are your memories of high school (i.e. secret crush, embarrassing moment, funniest thing you did in high school, favorite high school hang out, favorite teachers)?

I had a lot of crushes... none I care to mention. I can say that I'm most thankful for Mrs. Sassetti - the Spanish teacher. She was the reason I majored in Spanish.

What are your favorite things? (Drinks, Food, Movies, Books, Music, Sports, etc?

favorite foods: pizza, soul food.
music - r&b - gospel
sports - I love track and field and softball

Who are some famous / interesting people you have met?

I haven't met a soul

Any words of wisdom?

Don't be who you were, rather be who you are and be content with you are striving to become!

How did you hear about this website?

by accident -looking for my tax guy who is located in Pasadena

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Chandra D Taylor has a birthday today.
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